Want to impress your kid? Everything you need to know about Peppa Pig’s friends!

We know that your little one is crazy about Peppa Pig! This fun-loving and adventurous little piglet has become a household name. If you want to wow your toddler with your Peppa Pig knowledge, then look no further! Here are all the facts you need to know about the Peppa Pig characters so that you can impress your kid.

If you’ve been watching Peppa Pig along with your child, you might have noticed that the Peppa Pig cast is quite large! As you know, Peppa Pig lives with her family in a little house on a hill. Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig are her parents and George Pig is her little brother, whom she is quite fond of. But those aren’t the only characters in this popular animated series. She’s also got friends. And LOTS of them!

Do you know all of Peppa Pig’s friends’ names? And what about their quirks and personalities? Let’s dive in and learn more about the popular cast on Peppa Pig!

Suzy Sheep

Suzy Sheep is Peppa Pig’s best friend. What do they love doing together? Playing dress up and jumping in muddy puddles, of course! Suzy Sheep is a confident little sheep and while she can get a little bossy, she is also quite caring. Sometimes Peppa Pig and Suzy Sheep might argue, but like all good friends they always make up in the end!

Rebecca Rabbit

Rebecca Rabbit is also one of Peppa Pig’s friends. She’s a caring and sweet young rabbit and has a high moral compass. There is something though that embarrasses her a great deal… Her love of carrots! How embarrassing… enjoying a vegetable! Whenever one of the Peppa Pig characters mentions carrots, she turns bright red!

Emily Elephant

Emily Elephant is a shy little elephant and another lovable Peppa Pig cast member. She’s in Peppa Pig’s playgroup and while she is mostly very, very quiet, she can make a thundering noise with her trunk. It’s such a reverberating sound that it has been known to knock over her friends, generating endless giggles and fun!

Candy Cat

Candy Cat is another one of Peppa Pig’s friends. Her favourite things? Playing dress up, skipping and singing. Oh, and of course pretending to be a tiger! She’s often seen creeping up on others ever so slowly and then… POUNCE!

Zoë Zebra

Zoë Zebra is another endearing Peppa Pig character. She’s Mr. Zebra’s daughter. He’s the postman and she sometimes helps him make deliveries. She dreams of becoming a postwoman when she grows up. Zoë is friendly and generally quiet but can occasionally misbehave. She’s got a stuffed toy monkey which she treats like a pet, and she doesn’t mind making monkey noises so that it seems as though he’s speaking. 

Gerald Giraffe

Gerald of course is the tallest friend in the Peppa Pig playgroup. This can at times make him feel blue because he stands out so much. This makes it impossible for him to win at hide and seek! However, his height has come in handy; he helps Peppa Pig and her friends when needed, making him a hero indeed.

Danny Dog

Danny Dog is also a member of Peppa’s playgroup. He’s enchanted by pirates, loves football and want to become a sailor like his father Captain Daddy Dog and his Grandfather. Of course the sound he makes is ‘Woof! Woof!’

Freddy Fox

Freddy Fox has a razor-sharp sense of smell, which means he can easily sniff his way into the Peppa Pig characters’ hiding spots when playing hide and seek. He wants to become a police officer when he grows up and can’t wait to drive a police car with flashing lights. Sometimes he likes to show off a bit, but everyone still adores him.

Pedro Pony

Pedro Pony is one of Peppa Pig’s friends from playgroup and Danny Dog’s best friend. He’s got an exceptional hobby. He can play the Ukulele! At times he’s clumsy, a little careless and can occasionally be late to things. He’s also known for being quite the sleepyhead!

Molly Mole

Molly Mole is another friend of Peppa’s from the playgroup. She’s particularly good at digging holes but at times can be a bit bossy. She doesn’t have the best eyesight which is why she wears glasses. She often plays with Rebecca Rabbit or Mandy Mouse.

Mandy Mouse

Mandy Mouse is also in Peppa Pig’s friend group. She uses a wheelchair. She absolutely loves sports and is a talented basketball player which is why she can be seen holding a ball quite often. And of course, she’s crazy about cheese!

Who is your favourite Peppa Pig character? Now that you know of Peppa Pig friends’ names and fun facts about them, off you go to impress your little one. But first, check out our limited edition Peppa Pig tableware collection, if you want to thrill your young one even more!

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