This is a fantastic opportunity for a results-driven and hands-on individual to join our team at bamboo bamboo. This role is remote with company headquarters in London. You’ll report directly to the business owner and be responsible for implementing marketing campaigns to help us dissuade parents from buying plastic tableware for their little ones, acquire new customer friends and keep our current friends happy. 

As the Marketing Coordinator, you will be responsible for coordinating, planning and executing marketing campaigns across multiple media channels.

You’ll have a collaborative working relationship with the business owner who will work with you on strategic and big picture goals.

Your job will be to take the strategic guidance and make it a reality with tactical implementation and execution. The ability to organise, plan and structure your workload in an autonomous fashion will be absolutely key to your success in this role. No micromanagement around here, we just won’t have time, neither do we want to. You’ll have a lot of freedom in this role but also a lot of responsibility.

The six non-negotiables of this role are:

  • Copywriting. You’ll be crafting direct marketing campaigns across email, direct mail, web and social media. Your written skills need to be excellent and we would love to see samples of your previous work. Experience with Instagram and Facebook content creation is a major plus! If you’ve figured out what the hell TikTok is - special points! 
  • Being tech-savvy. You don’t need to be a technical expert, but you must be tech-savvy and be able to quickly learn how to use new marketing tools and technologies. While we don’t expect you to know all of the tools we use, we do expect you to be comfortable with it and able to pick up the concepts. Your daily tools of the trade will be CRM systems, content management systems, email marketing etc. 
  • Leadership potential. Initially, you’ll be our only in-house marketing person but as you hit goals, we fully expect this role to morph into a marketing team leader role where you will manage a team of marketing assistants.
  • Project management. Ideally, you’ve had experience in project management. A large part of this role is creating and adhering to deadlines, drafting budgets, and moving simultaneous projects forward to completion.  
  • Being teachable and coachable. There will be a LOT of learning on the job as we do marketing very differently. We’re not big fans of know-it-alls. We hire based primarily on attitude. 
  • Being a self-starter. Goals will be clearly defined from the outset. Often, it will be your job to determine what needs to happen, when and how. The attitude of continually starting things on your own is very important.


Perks of the job:

  • This is a completely remote position, so you’ll have the ability to create your own schedule 
  • Flexible work hours (though irregular hours may be expected based on working with different time zones)
  • Gain management and marketing experience
  • This role starts at 20 hour per week with the potential for full time after an initial period


How to Apply: 

Send CV to Claire Marshall at along with approximately 400 words on your experience with writing and project management.